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Left Wingnuts

October 11, 2009 4 comments

(please note: This post contains many sweeping generalizations. The world is not this polar. Please take this with a grain of salt.)

Let’s face it, every side has their wingnuts. These are the pot smoking, tinfoil hat wearing folks on one side, and the suit wearing, bible thumping fundies on the other. Each side has their crazies. Now, I’m not one in favor of a bipartisan system, but that’s the type of world we live in. Here’s a little precursor of the point I’m trying to make: In general, the liberal nuts are slightly more intelligent than the conservative nuts. Now to prove it.

The conservative side of the clusterfuck that is American politics seems to draw their morality (and legislative ideas, for the most part) from their good ole’ bible. Abortion laws? God is against it, so they are too. Taxation? The only tax they support is the 10% to God! The list goes on with a similar formula: When in doubt, go check with the Bible. The liberal side of the pile, however, seems to draw their opinions from a different source: The real world.

Now, I’m not defending the liberal wingnuts here, as tinfoil hats chafe my ears pretty badly. But here’s a redeeming fact about the left side of the camp: Their morality and compass of choice isn’t usually a religion, but rather the facts brought forth by the world around it. Here is where I will draw my primary example: Abortion (we just LOVE to poke hornets around here!).

Abortion can be argued in several ways, with the primary being the issue of fetal pain. I’ll focus on that aspect for this post. Now, most qualified medical scientists agree that fetal pain is impossible until around 26 weeks into a pregnancy. [1] This post isn’t about debating abortion, it’s about the political opinions regarding. So, we have one camp that argues all abortion should be illegal in any cases, as their theological beliefs state that all fetuses are created by a divine power. All issues of separation of church and state aside, this side rarely calls upon the medical research in the field. Science agrees that something is not sentient until 26 weeks, and so one side believes that abortion can occur before that time. The other side refuses any scientific input, as their ancient religious book tells them how the world ought to work.

Here is where my main point emerges: The dicotomy between the political parties. We have a side that accepts the input of the evolving world, and adapts their understanding, and we have a side that has chosen their position through the ancient texts of a nomadic tribe.

So who’s in touch with the real world, now?

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Some Thoughts on Fetuses

August 27, 2009 15 comments

Ahh Reddit… a place where intelligent people go to share news stories, talk about current events, and discuss their ideas.

Oh, sorry, wait, there’s nowhere like that on the internet. Reddit is actually a fair representation of the Internet at large; a smattering of interesting, creative, and mature people mixed in with an ocean of petty, close-minded emotional children.

So it was to no one’s surprise that the largely liberal user base of Reddit produced this news-free story, which basically just served the purpose of affirming the beliefs of your average Reddit user; only cruel, stupid bigots look up to Sarah Palin.

Anyway, Reddit users aside, one comment in particular struck me;

“If he makes it into Heaven (& I doubt he will with his stance on abortion) I hope that God makes him babysit all the aborted children for eternity. God have mercy on his soul.”

But wait… if aborted fetuses automatically go to heaven, then shouldn’t abortion be a supreme act of giving? If aborted fetuses go to heaven, then having an abortion is essentially sacrificing yourself to hell so your child is guaranteed passageway through the pearly gates. And, if you abort your child, they don’t have to go through the tedious motions of life first*. In God’s Amusement Park, aborted fetuses don’t have to wait in line for the roller coast of Heaven!

Ok, another question. How does God prevent the fetuses from freaking out the other lucky souls who made it to heaven? Have you ever seen a fetus at, say, twelve weeks? They’re creepy. They look like little aliens. Really fat little aliens. And don’t even get me started on earlier weeks.

And what about the aborted fetuses who didn’t have time on earth to develop a central nervous system? Can they enjoy heaven without it? Maybe everyone who goes to heaven gets a spare central nervous system at the gate. Kind of like a divine party favor.

Well, I’m sure Jehovah can work out those little details, being omnipotent and all.

In any case, it has become clear to me the the moral thing for a Christian to do is abort all of their children. Don’t they want their offspring to go to heaven? Christians shouldn’t be picketing abortion clinics! They should be camping out outside of them, waiting for their turn!

To the people who have not left in disgust by now, I say; Thank you for reading.


*I do not find life tedious. But I probably would if I was religious.** Yeesh, so many rules!

**Okay, I realize that most religious people claim that life is full of wonders and joys. And I believe they are being honest. So, the way they describe life is a little surprising to me sometimes; I was once talking to a Jewish acquaintance and he described life as the grand hallway that leads to heaven and eternal bliss with God. Jesus, dude, don’t you get bored of walking down a hallway for seventy plus years? Apparently not, because this person always appeared to be extremely well-adjusted and happy. I guess anticipation IS the best part.