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Talking Heads

June 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Our nation has a lovely little obsession with talking heads. I’m not referring to a disembodied head in a jar that speaks, but rather a News Anchor. News Anchors and pundits spend a huge majority of your day speaking. When any person speaks for hours every day, eventually they run out of things to say. Enter the Pundits and Anchors. It’s their job to deliver the current canned political opinion to you daily, with an added flavor of idiocy from time to time.

During the Bush years, many fox Pundits and Anchors spent time calling any actions that questioned the President treason, and a “hate for America.” They seemed to ignore the founding idea of America: Dissent. Dissent is what allows us to discuss issues, and pick the most popular solution. Obviously that system has issues, but that’s a different topic. These very same talking heads are now freaking the hell out about Obama’s presidency “ruining” America. What happened to the fanatical devotion to the seat of President? Isn’t it un-patriotic to question and disagree with your leader?

It’s not them fearmongering and making shit up about Obama that’s my concern, but rather the blatant contradiction to their own words merely two years ago. If you’re going to be an idiot, at least be a consistent idiot. It’s much easier to ignore a consistent idiot than one who’s constantly changing their stance and methods.

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